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PowerPoint Presentations and Training Materials

TitleDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
CCCP Waiver and EPSDT PC/AC Submission Rules ChartPosted 4/24/201913 KB.docx
EPSDT Personal Care, Private Duty Nursing and Assistive Technology Service Authorization SubmissionRevised May 2019 (Rules Effective September 2018-May 2019)1436 KB.pptx
FAQ: EPSDT Personal CarePublished: October 2018190 KB.pdf
Submision Requirments Specialized Care Long Stay Hospital 3592 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements: EPSDT Personal/Attendance CareRevised: October 20181082 KB.pdf
Submission Requirements: EDCD Waiver 7607 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements: Tech WaiverRevised: October 1, 20182145 KB.pptx

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