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PowerPoint Presentations and Training Materials

TitleDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
Atrezzo Provider Portal- Outpatient Case CreationRevised: October 20181205 KB.pdf
HomeHealth QuestionnaireGuide to completing Homehealth Questionnaire5805 KB.pptx
Outpatient Rehab QuestionnaireGuide to completing Outpatient Rehab Questionnaire5857 KB.pptx
Submision Requiements Surgical Services 6904 KB.pptx
Submision Requirement Outpatient Rehab 1305 KB.pptx
Submision Requirements DME 5226 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements Home Health 5782 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements: EPSDT Hearing Aids and Related SevicesRevised : October 1, 20182176 KB.pptx
Submission Requirements: NEOP Scans ( MRI, CAT, PET )Revised: October 1, 20181506 KB.pptx
Submission Requirments Prosthetics 1825 KB.pptx

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