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Want to avoid hold-ups caused by missing information in Srv Auth requests? Check out our Service Authorization Checklists. These handy reference lists will help you determine at a glance all the information required for each service type. Don't be stuck retrieving information twice! Use the checklists for once-and-done submission!

Please limit the use of special characters in your answers and review your information after you enter it to be sure it is correct.

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TitleDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
(DME) Incontinence Supply checklistOOS requirments updated 2/14/1319 KB.docx
Assistive Technology ChecklistNew 10/201219 KB.docx
Bariatric Surgery Checklist(Revised 5/2012)60 KB.doc
Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Checklist(Created 4/2012)84 KB.doc
Durable Medical Equipment ChecklistOOS requirements updated 2/14/201321 KB.docx
EPSDT Private Duty Nursing Services Checklist10/201215 KB.docx
Hearing Aid ChecklistNew 10/201219 KB.docx
Home Health checklistOOS requirements updated 2/14/1338 KB.doc
Incontinence Supply ChecklistPosted 02/25/2014 Attention: This Checklist may only be used by Home Care Delivered19 KB.docx
Kidney Transplant Checklist(Created 4/2012)61 KB.doc
Lung Transplant Checklist(Created 4/2012)50 KB.doc
Medical Device Services and Maintenance (MDSM)(Created 3/2012)43 KB.doc
NEOP (Imaging) CAT MRI PET checklistOOS requirements updated 2/14/1334 KB.doc
Organ Transplant Service Authorization Checklist - 0300(Created 3/2012)74 KB.doc
Outpatient Rehab ChecklistOOS requirements updated 2/14/1322 KB.docx
Pancreas Transplant Checklist(Created 4/2012)55 KB.doc
Prosthetic Device Service Authorization Checklist(Created 4/2012)51 KB.doc
Small Bowel and Multi-Viscera Transplant Checklist(Created 4/2012)56 KB.doc
Specialized Care Long Stay Hospital Checklist03/14/201324 KB.docx

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